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How Does A Sound Card Work

A sound card is a computer card which facilitates the input and output of the audio signals of the computer program. The typical use of the sound card is to provide the audio components from the multimedia applications like music, video, presentation, games etc.

  • 11 Jul 2017

How To Prevent Your Computer From Being Slow

One of the most common complaints that we hear from PC users is the slowness of their PCs. You must have had the same problem with your computer some time or the other. And generally the answer we get to this problem is that perhaps you have stored way too many files and documents on your personal computer, which makes it slow down gradually.

  • 11 Jul 2017

Increase The Efficiency Of Your Computer With Additional Computer Memory

Though it is hard to believe, memory is a part of computer that is the easiest to install. But just like all other computer parts one needs to maintain absolute care to make sure nothing goes wrong. The first step naturally is to buy the computer memory that you want to install on your system.

  • 17 Jul 2017
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  •   21 Jul 2017   Posted By Lawrence G.   26 Favs   0 Comments

    Review: Samson Go Mic Compact USB Microphone

    The huge increase in voice recording dependent tools like podcasts and Skype has resulted in a dramatic increase in the demand for compact microphones, and created a whole new market of consumers.

  •   28 Jun 2017   Posted By Jeremy H.   15 Favs   0 Comments

    Review: Apple Macbook – Apple’s Standard Setting Laptop

    The Macbook is the standard laptop offering from Apple. With a distinctive design and impressive tech specs, it's fast becoming one of the most popular laptops for students, professionals and casual users alike. A deeper look into its features shows exactly why this is such a bestselling gadget. Features Of The Macbook Some of the main features of the design include: * 13.

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27 Jun 2017
Posted By Scott W.

LCD Monitors

LCD monitor overview These monitors use a liquid crystal display to project images onto the screen. A back light is used to light up the display to create a clearer picture. The first LCD screens were created a long time ago, but it was not until recently that they became technologically advanced enough to match the level of quality that is present in the modern LCD screens. Most LCD monitors have much clearer and sharper images than monitors in the past. The resolution is higher as well.
11 Jul 2017
Posted By Andres F.

Motherboard Components

Motherboards are electrical hubs of a computer. Motherboards are sometimes called system boards or mainboards. Because every electrical connection in a computer is facilitated by the motherboard, it is sometimes called the backbone of a computer system. Much like a person's spine supports the cerebrum, motherboards support the central processing unit, or brain of a computer. But, the CPU is only one of many components housed by motherboards.
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14 Jul 2017
Posted By Marguerite R.

Acer Laptops- A Cut above

The range of Acer laptops is extensive and consequently offers a wide choice for both businesses and individuals. With an impressive record of quality along with their stylish looks Acer deserve the strong reputation they have for their laptops, which they have been proud of for over three decades.As travel becomes cheaper and more accessible the importance of laptop weight is paramount.
12 Jul 2017

Dell's Inspiron 17R SE packs high-end components

http://cnet.co/Q57lWg Dell's Inspiron 17R SE packs reasonably high-end parts into a budget-feeling chassis, saving a few hundred dollars or more over similarly ...

19 Jul 2017

Asus G751 nVidia GTX980M Full Detailed Review & Benchmarks (G751JY-DH71)

Just released is the newest 17” Asus gaming laptop for the Republic of Gamers. Top grade gaming components are blended together to form a killer machine for ...

28 Jun 2017

CNET How To - How to use USB devices with Android

http://bit.ly/Q9NImq If you've never heard of USB OTG, don't worry, Sharon Vaknin has you covered. Find out how you can connect USB devices, like flash drives ...

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